Ten Rules of Irish Politics (Updated)

  1. With certain exceptions (in particular Sinn Fein), the personal vote of a candidate is more important to election victory than their party vote.
  2. Voters decide what matters in elections, not candidates or party activists.
  3. There are always far more votes to be won opposing a specific proposal to build new housing in an area than supporting it.
  4. Being an Irish legislator is like being a brain surgeon who is employed to carry out brain surgery but whose employment review is decided on how well he maintains a garden on the other side of the country.
  5. You cannot be lazy and be a successful Irish politician. You can be corrupt, deceitful or stupid but you cannot be lazy.
  6. Irish voters are perfectly happy holding two or more completely contradictory beliefs.
  7. There are no votes in proposing long-term solutions.
  8. There is a large number of people involved in Irish politics who have almost no interest in the shaping or direction of Irish society.
  9. It is possible to have a successful career in Irish politics and never ever have to make an unpopular decision.
  10. Being an Irish citizen gives you more rights than the citizens of any other nation on Earth.

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