That’s that guy from that thing: Ray Wise

Ray Wise: Dial-An-Ooze.

Ray Wise: Dial-An-Ooze.

You’ll know Ray Wise for having hair so perfect that it looks like it might break if handled roughly. With his finely coiffed follicles, Ray Wise has made a career in television, from Laura Palmer’s father in Twin Peaks through, well, everything, up to currently playing The Devil in Reaper, as the smarmy oily executive/politician guy with the shit eating grin and a tan that looks just too “glowy”. Funnily enough, although he has been typecast as a certain type of slimeball, he can actually act when he wants to. Just watch him playing a depressed news anchor in Good Night And Good Luck with David Strathairn and George Clooney with touching sensitivity.

Having said that, he’s just as quick to turn up in the Command and Conquer computer game series as the US President. Hey, don’t knock it: Guy’s got kids to put through college.   

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