The Anti-Super Rat Candidate.

Dun Laoghaire Town Hall: Not to work for Super Rats.

Dun Laoghaire Town Hall: No to working for Super Rats!

I recently got a leaflet through the door listing a particular candidates “priorities”. They declared that this candidate:

“…cares about how your council is managed and your money is spent.” Well, he is running for the council. I would have been pleasantly surprised if he had announced that he “didn’t give a f**k” about how the council is managed, and intended spending “all your money on hookers and coke. And more hookers.”

“…demands accountability in the way the council is run.” Whatever that means. Let’s see if he will support roll-calling and posting on the web all votes on the council, so we can see how councillors vote. If he does, he’s a man of his word.

“…wants to see straightforward communication between the council and local residents.” So, no more of those letters in ancient hebrew telling you that your bin day has changed.

“… believes the council should work for you.” As opposed to working for whom, a race of intelligent Super Rats? the Illuminatti? The Government of Abu Dhabi?  

My question: I wonder, can this candidate name any other specific candidate who does not believe in those things? I suspect he believes that oxygen should be in plentiful supply, and that the laws of physics must be enforced throughout the county.  He also takes a tough line on the issue of the Earth revolving aroung the Sun.

Still, at least he’s taking no shit off the Super Rats. 

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