“The Area” uber alles.

Just listening to Morning Ireland, which reported on reaction to the Ceann Comhairle’s resignation from his home town of Cahirciveen where he was lauded as being a great man “For the area.” What’s revealing is the way, almost to a man, those interviewed regarded the money he got, either for himself or for local GAA clubs, etc, as being magic money that came from somewhere else at no cost to them. There was no outrage over the fact that this was their money, their taxes.

Of course, this isn’t an attitude unique to Kerry South. This is a national phenomenon, where Irish people regard government spending as a limitless bounty, and that demanding more of it has nothing but positive consequences, because of the perception that someone else pays for it all.

Except there is no one else, there’s just us. We’re paying for this nonsense.


One thought on ““The Area” uber alles.

  1. Well said. In fairness this seems to be a rural or class-based phenonemon: I don’t see it happening in middle-class areas of Dublin, for instance.

    Why does nobody make the connection between the chancers they elect in their constituency and the mess we are in as a nation?

    Two examples from the last local elections:
    ‘Stroke’ sweeps to victory in Loughrea:
    Fianna Fail member, Cllr Michael ‘Stroke’ Fahy swept the boards …. with 2247 first preference votes, or 12.3 per cent of all votes cast. Cllr Fahy was convicted of fraudulently benefiting from €7,055 from Galway County Council but has appealed the conviction, jail sentence and fine of €30,000.

    Farmer sentenced to two years’ jail a surprise winner: A FARMER who was sentenced to two years in prison in 2002 for conspiring to steal a Department of Agriculture cheque worth over €20,000 pulled off one of the surprise victories of the election after he topped his local poll. Michael Clarke, of Beltra, polled 1,408 first preferences in the Dromore area of Co Sligo, getting elected on the first count. Mr Clarke (47), a former Fianna Fail candidate, said after his election that he had made mistakes in the past “and I acknowledge that”, but added that the “real jury of my peers” had now spoken.

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