The Change-o-meter.

Fine Gael and Labour were elected on a platform of change. Let’s see how they’re doing:

Restored the Minimum Wage +1

Held a referendum on Judges’s Pay +1

Held a referndum on Oireachtas Investigations +1 (I know, I know, but they did hold one)

Made some interesting Seanad appointments +1

Made progress on debt interest reduction +1

Not being a government engaged in chaotic reshuffles or being actually drunk +1

That gives them a pro-change score of +6


U-turned on Mullingar barracks -1

U-turned on Roscommon hospital -1

Went Franfurt’s way rather than Labour’s way -1

Gave an obscene Fianna Fail-style severence package to Willie Penrose -1

U-turned on Leo’s previous position on Metro North -1

U-turned on parliamentary scrutiny of semi-state appointments -1

U-turned on appointments of henchmen to state boards -1

U-turned on third level tuition fees -1

Giving an anti-change score of -8

Which overall gives a score of -2. 

4 thoughts on “The Change-o-meter.

  1. Not sure on the scoring. I think it should be a flat -8. Just because they did what they promised doesn’t mean they deserve a point.

  2. Shouldn’t these be weighted though. I mean debt restructuring is far more significant than Mullingar Barracks?

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