The cheek of them!

I’ve recently become aware of a well known (in Dublin) candidate for the Dail contacting political activists to work on his campaign. What was interesting was that two of the activists apparently had the audacity, on listening to his invitation, to inquire of him as to what where his political objectives. Not what seat was he hoping to win, but what issues did he feel strongly about? Apparently this threw him, and he never bothered them again. One of the activists is a real grafter who has worn out his shoe leather knocking on doors and delivering leaflets for candidates in the past, and should have been bent over backwards to accomodate. He (the grafter) wondered was he being cheeky asking the question? I don’t think so. It’s perfectly reasonable for someone who has a valuable political commodity (their time and effort) and wants to get a good return on it by investing in a candidate that shares their values. The fact that this candidate regarded someone asking these questions with trepidation says a lot about what sort of TD they’d make. 

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