The Cuba Cheerleaders.

Term limited? I am term limited! To one 100 year term!There’s one of those letters in the Irish Times today lauding Cuba again, and it’s a pet irritation of mine. Cuba¬†has had its achievements, healthcare amongst them, and the US blockade has probably been counter productive, and indeed the Batista regime was just a Mafia front, but still! It is actually a dictatorship!

Every year, thousands of Cubans flee the paradise that is Cuba to go where? To the most capitalist country in the world. Surely they can’t ALL be CIA agents?

The reality is this. If Fianna Fail tried to extend political control over the country the same way Fidel’s gang have over Cuba, the Cuba cheerleaders here would go ballistic. Yet Fidel gets a free pass. Yes, they have all travelled to live in Cuba, and some have stayed there quite a while, and lauded the regime. But most safely put their filthy capitalist US and EU passports away, just in case.

Could Fidel win a western style free election? Quite possibly. The fact that he doesn’t risk it says a lot.

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