The EU goes too far?

It’s important that those of us who support the EU don’t unquestioningly accept everything just because it has a blue flag on it. The Daily Telegraph, admittedly not a friend of European Unity, has raised an interesting point here about the European Investigation Order.

Here’s my concern: The investigations are ordered by a prosecutor in one country, but carried out elsewhere, so his national authorities probably won’t care. Yet his actions carried out in that other state are not accountable to anyone in that state. This is a civil liberties Bermuda Triangle, and I’m not sure I like it. I know the arguments about fighting cross border crime, and they’re valid, but is this¬†heading in the direction of people being deprived of rights with no one seemingly being held to account? Having said that, I’m not a particular fan of the EU arrest warrant either, because the reality is that we do not have a uniform EU human rights standard across the union.¬†

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