The EU hairshirt may well be the best thing that ever happened to us.

And suddenly, The EU team arrived.

And suddenly, The EU team arrived.

The giant brain that is The Irish Times’s Dan O’Brien outlines here the sort of things that the EU may require of us. What’s interesting is that a lot of the things listed are things that a self-respecting reformist government should be doing anyway, crisis or no crisis, for the long term interest of the country. The fact that there is not a single party in the country that will have a manifesto even vaguely close to the radicalism of the EU reforms is telling about the state of us as a people. We’ll be forced to do this stuff, we’ll bitch and complain, and five years from now we’ll be handed back a country in a better state than the one we handed them. Or put it another way: What’s the bets that we’ll reverse hardly any of the reforms we will have been forced to accept?

6 thoughts on “The EU hairshirt may well be the best thing that ever happened to us.

  1. & so it begins…………….

    Mr Cowen is ready to resign, according to party sources quoted in the Irish Times, but has surprised colleagues by deciding to tough it out & increase his forthcoming redundancy payment even if it meant the sacrifice of Fianna Fail. Off the record briefings from Eu sources warned that Ireland’s £77 billion bail-out would be jeopardised if the government fell. “The situation is being closely monitored said one diplomat, dismissing Greens and Fianna Fail rebels as “rats leaving a sinking ship”. From our perspective, it is important that the government is able to represent Ireland in the talks,” said another EU source. After instructing his man Xenophon to peel him another grape he returned to stroking the white pussy on his lap & continued, “It would be very unpleasant if there was no one to talk to. That would be very irresponsible………………”

    Tears before bedtime predicted.

  2. David, mate you’re much better with your reason and debating skills…let’s not jump into the crazy end of the swimming pool.

  3. Forgive me, I missed your mention of Common Purpose. This is the secret organisation that, according to its detractors, wants to create a global liberal government, right? A Roy Jenkins with massive firepower type operation. Fine. Where do I sign up? I would happily be a bought and paid member of what seems to be effectively something from The Man from UNCLE. I just wish they’d hurry up with the cheques. I must be owed a fortune in back pay.

  4. I won my bet this would be your response to the “inevitable” impositions thrust upon Ireland by the EU. After all, it fits the narrative of Common Purpose & destruction of the Nation State.
    BTW – you won’t be getting your country back, but that should not matter to all those bought & paid for useful idiots of the EUSSR project !

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