The Fianna Fail Cloaking Device.

FF: The well lubricated party.

The thing about Fianna Fail is that it’s like the masons.  Loyalty is everything, and yet in the funniest ways. Consider the upcoming local elections: What are the bets that we’ll see a chunk of FF councillors resign from the party before the elections to run as independents, and then rejoin quietly after the elections? Disloyal? Absolutely not. In FF, winning is everything: Do what (Or indeed, whom.) you have to do and as long as you remember who your friends are on the other side of polling day, everyone’s happy.

Of course, I don’t blame FF for this. They know what crap their voters will take, and give it to them in spades. This is FG and Labour’s fault, for not nailing candidate’s records to the candidates.  We don’t do that in Ireland, because FG and Labour say that the Irish voters don’t want negative campaigning.

Which is why FG/Labour last won an election in November 1982.

3 thoughts on “The Fianna Fail Cloaking Device.

  1. Dan, the voters will only know if opposition candidates tell them, and the Opp won’t do that because they are afraid of A) counter attacks, and B) particularly in FG’s case, a psychological hangup that if you make FF angry they’ll really get stuck in.

    Wait and see. The number of FF councillors will go up after the local elections.

  2. Jason, all I’m going to say for now is that there is a cat and there is bag and the former isn’t going to get out of the latter too earlier. Just rest assured that no one will be able to run as a silent FF candidate this time out.

  3. Looks like the Green Party are picking up FF habits and trying this tactic as we type. They might even (shock horror) have read your blog!

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