The Gemini Agenda: Available on Amazon now!

They have a plan. Find out what on your Kindle or iPad now!

They have a plan. Find out what on your Kindle or iPad now!

Right so. Nine years after I started writing it, and a year and a month after I published my first “romp” (Thank you Elina Talvitie), “The Ministry of Love”, my latest eNovel, “The Gemini Agenda”, is now available on (If you live in the US or Ireland) or  if you live in the UK. What’s it about? Here’s the blurb:

The Gemini Agenda.

For billionaire Honorius Plenty III, great grandson of the criminal mastermind who sunk the Titanic, it is a plan to take over the world before someone else does.For NATO agents Oscar Stephoe and Darcy Jones, it is recovering the controls to a devastating orbiting weapons platform stolen by a treacherous US general.

For Pulitzer Prize winning writer Rebecca Salter, the woman who finally resolved the murder of President Kennedy, it is uncovering the mystery as to who has brutally murdered the world’s most powerful media mogul.

What has it to do with a secret organisation, born in the ashes of the Second World War, which now reaches into the very heart of the White House and the European Union?

And why would someone want to make wooden legs fashionable?

The Gemini Agenda: They want to save the world, and they have a plan.

“If Terry Pratchett wrote 1970s airport thrillers, this is what they’d be like.”
-Andrea Pappin.


Feel free to leave an honest warts and all review on Amazon. It will be much appreciated.

Now…what do I do with all this spare time?



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