The Great Party Machine?

” In this ‘Republic’ candidates who stand on a particular party ticket are also happy to use the dedicated membership, the party’s media machine, the party’s finances and support network to get elected with an acute understanding of the party’s policies and ideology. To suggest that the party brand plays no role in the eyes of the electorate when choosing a candidate is absurd, I suggest my good friend that you continue poking politics with a stick as you seem to know little else about it.”

The above was posted on this blog in response to a remark about Killian Forde keeping his seat. Aside from the remark at the end, which is the writer’s opinion, and he’s entitled to it, I was particularly interested in the remarks about dedicated membership, party finances, and best of all, acute understanding of the party’s ideology.

Having known quite a few local election candidates in my time, I was just wondering as to whether they found that remark as  funny as I did, or did they have access to substantial media machines, party finances, and dedicated membership whilst carefully adhering to “party ideology”? Perhaps I’m wrong, but in my experience candidates have tended to rely on their own friends and family rather than a party machine, have received f**k all if anything in terms of cash from the party, and the fabled media machine does little for them personally, and party ideology goes out the window on the doorstep. But I admit, my experience could be radically different.  

Of course party label plays a role, but I still feel that in this republic, most voters still vote personality over party, and that Kilian Forde was elected because he was, primarily, a good candidate. Am I wrong?

One thought on “The Great Party Machine?

  1. It may work differently for members of the 44th international, but for ‘mainstream’ parties I think you got it in one. On your own pal but if you get elected come talk to us. That’s politics!

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