The Green Party: Spamming?

John Gormley, Winner of the Nice Guy in Politics 2008 AwardAdrian Weckler makes a fair point about a recent issue where the Green Party were accused of spamming. Are political parties different from commercial concerns?

Yes, they are. It’s not unreasonable for a party to want to communicate, in fact, the budgets that political parties have to try and get their messages through the fog of ordinary commercial advertising are miniscule. Yet political parties have a greater effect on our daily life than Coke or McDonalds.

Sure, the cynics will rant about political parties being all the same (Anyone who has ever met Michael McDowell and Joe Higgins will tell you that such cynics are actually morons.) but show me the great achieving cynic?

Did Jesus say  “We’re wasting our time, Judaism and the Roman religions are just too well entrenched. I’m going back to making coffee tables and maybe an attractive occasional table.”

Did Dr. King say ” Civil rights? You people are screwing with me! You think whitey will ever elect a black guy president?”

 Me,  I’d cut the Greens some slack on this. As parties go, despite their support of our moronic policy on neutrality, they’re not the worst. John Gormley’s a pretty decent guy.

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