The Green Party’s latest litmus test.

If not for stuff like this, then what is a Green vote for?

If not for stuff like this, then what is a Green vote for?

I see that some in the FF parliamentary party are looking for a “freedom of conscience” clause for, I think, public officials who for religious reasons do not agree with civil partnership. I’m sorry? Aside from the fact that these are people paid by the taxes of the same sex couples who wish to enter partnerships, and should therefore either do the jobs they are paid for or resign, is this not the same party that threw out Des O’Malley for suggesting that matters of contraception should be a matter for the conscience of the individual? Does conscience only count in FF when it is defending bigotry? In fairness, some in FF, like Chris Andrews TD, have spoken out against the amendment. But there are too many broadminded people in FF who don’t speak out on issues like this.   

This will come down to the Greens. Despite the fact that the Green party has bottled on incinerators, Shannon and blasphemy, I’m still willing to give them a chance. Let’s hope they don’t blow this. If they do, it’ll give ammunition to those who ask what exactly is the point of voting Green?

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