The Greens: A date with a lampost in Ranelagh?

The Greens: Another small team of specialists blamed for a crime they didn't commit?

The Greens: Another small team of specialists blamed for a crime they didn't commit?

Just as their heads slip under quicksand for the third time, I wonder, are the Greens about to grab a low lying branch? As Fine Gael race towards their date with destiny with all the speed of a Waffen SS panzer division hurtling down a northern French road on a balmy 1940 day,  is it possible that a clutch of liberal middle-of-the-road voters may decide that the Kenny Krieg might need an emergency handbrake welded on the side, and so might give the doomed Greens a repreive? Having been blooded by the rascals of Fianna Fail, could a small elite Green special forces unit be just the ticket to curb the stiff right arm excesses of the all conquering blues?

It’s a long shot, but maybe it’s time once again for a tiny party’s leader to head to the Ranelagh Triangle with a “Single Party Government? No Thanks!” poster under his arm. 

5 thoughts on “The Greens: A date with a lampost in Ranelagh?

  1. Fine Gael flirtation with the trappings and presentational style of facism was shorter than most teenagers’ experimentation with clothing and musical fads and didn’t leave us with the interesting and eclectic back catalogue though we did get the embarrasing photos. It is true that the newly minted FG appointed Eoin O’Duffy as its first president but once it got a close up of what he was like they ran from his leadership quicker than an emo kid removing their pasty make-up after experiencing the summer sun for the first time in years.

  2. Thanks for proving my point. I wonder what stereo-typical smears on FG you’ll play up next. A Blueshirted Enda Kenny seeking for Ireland to re-enter the Commonwealth?

  3. Was just having a bit of fun. Of course I don’t think FG are Nazis. Nor, by the way, do I believe that the people who read my blog are either so dumb or influenced by my clumsy prose into being hypnotised by me into believing it is true. My apologies. I will try to be more po-faced in future. Can I refer to them as the post-fascist Fine Gael party? That is factually true, you know.

  4. FG Nazi metaphores? Following a post on “FG’s secret deeply conservative social agenda”. If this isn’t scaremongering I don’t know what is…

  5. I guess the difficulty being that people could just as easily (or more easily) read that as a good ad for voting Labour.

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