The Guilt of The Economist Reader.

The Economist: They're writing faster than I can read.
The Economist: They’re writing faster than I can read.

I’ve decided not to renew my Economist subscription. Nothing to do with the quality of the magazine (which insists upon calling itself a newspaper, by the way) but because I have, like many Economist readers, a pile of unread Economists sitting on my desk making me feel guilty that I don’t know enough about why Indonesia is at a crossroads or know who is ahead in the Columbian presidential election. I find myself putting them in my car, in my bathroom, in my carrier bag, using it as gift wrapping paper (I’m not joking here. It actually looks quite well) and desperately trying to get through them, scanning them like a maniac and then feeling even more guilty because I didn’t take in that article on how scientists can now write the complete works of  John Grisham in an ant’s pocket.

On top of all that, my book stockpile is getting even bigger because I’m not reading them because I’m trying to get through the Economist. And yet, I really enjoy reading it, even though I don’t read most of the business or science bits. It’s a good magazine. So here’s the plan: Cancel the subscription, wear down the stockpile, buy it as I want to read it from the shops (at least I’ll be actually reading it up to date) and hopefully it’ll all work out and I’ll know who won the North Dakota Senate race.

4 thoughts on “The Guilt of The Economist Reader.

  1. +1 vote for the audio edition … a great way to read it without actually reading it

  2. This is actually my second time, and you’re right: They do pursue with all the vigour of a load of talking monkeys chasing Charlton Heston. If you let it pass, and eventually renew, you get a gift I find. But first I have to reduce the stockpile before it tumbles in a landslide of freemarket editorials.

  3. OK Jason, I hope you’ve been reading the bits at the back. How’s the Japanese banking crisis? Also, have you tried to unsubscribe to the Economist before? They like to call you again, and again, and again to get you to rethink your rash decision.

  4. Audio edition Jason, it’s class …..and my ability to pronounce things like the Icelandic volcano has come on brilliantly 🙂

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