The High Line.

Pics: Friends of the High Line.

Pics: Friends of the High Line.

Sometimes you come across an idea that just is so good that you want to tell people about it. When we were┬áin New York, we visited the High Line, which is an elevated former freight train line, going up Manhattan’s west side, which has been turned into a linear park. You can read about it here. It is, quite simple, a stroke of genius to take an old, disused industrial function and transform it into what is a fabulous public amenity. It was founded by Joshua David and Robert Hammond, and is funded by private contributions and the City of New York, and is to me a wonderful example of a group of dedicated individuals in communities, working with a city government that knows when to get out of the way, to create something that will benefit millions of people for years to come. Well done Friends of the High Line.

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