The Last Hurdle.

The Gemini Agenda. Coming soon to an iPad and Kindle near you.

The Gemini Agenda. Coming soon to an iPad and Kindle near you.

Some of you will have noticed that I am not posting as much recently. My apologies, but I am in the final draft with my editors as to my new eBook, “The Gemini Agenda”, which will be available on Amazon very shortly.

Normal service, that is, ranting angrily at our modern age and its Kardashians will resume thereafter.

In the meantime, here’s the blurb for the book:

It is the slightly-near future. NATO agents Oscar Stephoe and Darcy Jones are racing to locate the codes to an orbital weapons platform.

Billionaire Honorius Plenty lll, great grandson of the man who actually sunk the Titanic, is plotting to take over the world before someone else does.

Celebrated writer RJ Salter, the woman who discovered who really killed President Kennedy, is trying to find out who murdered the world’s most powerful media mogul.

A group of world leaders are working on a plan devised in the wreckage of the Second World War to change the world.

And someone wants to make wooden legs fashionable.

This is The Gemini Agenda.

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