The Local Elections: Candidates, show us your mickeys!

A load of mickey!

A load of mickey!

A fresh new voice. A new, fresh voice. Working for our community. Working in the community. A new fresh face. A fresh new face. Working in your face for the new community freshly. I have a very nice mickey.

Alright, so you won’t see the last line on any of the empty vacuous nonsense we’re getting through our letterboxes, and more’s the pity. At least it would differentiate some of the candidates. But really, this is getting so completely ridiculous. Apparently county councillors cost us about €50 million a year in expenses, and I do not doubt for one minute that they work hard, I just think that most of the work is absolutely pointless. The city and county managers take all the responsibility for decisions.

Consider it this way: The major tax councillors vote on are commerical rates on business. Can anyone tell me any councillor who is publicly advocating either to radically rise or cut commercial rates? Or even have a position on it other than “Well, I think the issue neeeds a fullscale comprehensive review” which is the standard Irish political answer to “F**king hell! That’s a issue that businesspeople might have an opinion on! I’m not taking sides on that!”

We’d be better off if they just put pictures of their mickeys on the ballot paper and we chose that way. Obviously, the female candidates would have to make alternative arrangements.  



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