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The New Doctor Meets The Daleks.

Posted by Jason O on Aug 5, 2013 in Movies/TV/DVDs, Not quite serious. |
Ask my Tardis.

Ask my Tardis.

“Ah great, here they are. Dusty Bin on steroids. What’s that? Masters of the known universe?¬†Gimme strength. You crowd couldna master ma SkyPlus. One narrow corridor and you all stand there with your plungers in your hands like Oliver Letwin at an orgy, with a face like Justin Bieber leafing through The Economist. See that? That’s called swivelling yer hips. Ye didna think o’ that, did ya, ya ribbed for pleasure toasters? See that sonic screwdriver? I’ll stick that so far up ya,¬†your eye’ll be backlit. Clara love, pop into the Tardis and put the kettle on. And see if there’s any Jammie Dodgers left. And where’s me phone?”


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