The pride in doing nothing.

From today’s Irish Times. Can you think of any other issue where parties would take such pride in doing nothing? Can you imagine Labour basically giving up the ghost so openly on, say, public sector pay?

” During the 1997 (I presume this date is wrong. Why would the Irish Catholic ask Enda Kenny that question given that in the 1997 general election, John Bruton was Taoiseach?)  general election campaign, Mr Kenny gave a commitment to the Irish Catholic newspaper that if he became taoiseach, he would not legislate for the 1992 X case, which found that abortion was legal where the life, as opposed to the health, of a mother was at risk.

A Labour spokesman said it would place legislation on the issue “on the table” in negotiations for any future government but would not insist on it as a “deal breaker”. He pointed out that as far back as 1992, the programme for government of the Fianna Fáil/Labour coalition contained a commitment, not fulfilled, for legislation on the X case.”

Said thing is, they reflect the majority view in the country.


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