The Seanad Elections.

The fact that we’re in the middle on an invisible general election for the upper house of our national parliament really says it all about the Seanad. A previous resident of my house is still receiving Seanad election literature, as happened during previous elections, yet not once has a set of ballot papers ever arrived, which makes me wonder as to what register is being used to send out the literature.

The other striking thing is the varied quality of the literature. Some candidates are very in-depth in terms of their political positions. Others are bizarrely vague to the point of making one assume they are either imbeciles or else complete charlatans who believe that blurting out buzzwords is enough to win over an electorate. I’ve received one litir from an NUI candidate who calls for “Legislation-Reform needed in key areas including: Education, and Health” and “Economic and Social Reform to stimulate the economy” What does that mean, do you suppose? The compulsory abortion of surplus population? Building a Tunnel to Cardiff? Who knows. If he does, he ain’t telling anyone.

By the way, given that this will be Fine Gael’s greatest Seanad result ever, does anyone really believe that these new senators will vote to abolish themselves? Why do I have a suspicion that Seanad abolition will be replaced by some form of half-arsed Seanad reform, letting us elect 20 senators or somesuch as a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Card for Enda? Somewhere in Government Buildings is a young Blue desperately clipping and pasting old Seanad reform reports together like billio. Bless.

3 thoughts on “The Seanad Elections.

  1. I wonder shoulkd every county not just have an elected ombudsman to deal with all that stuff, ban TDs from doing it.

  2. You have to sign to get the ballot paper so perhaps there was no one home when they called, they should leave a note saying they called though. It should be the same register that is used. It’s An post that handle the mail out itself.

  3. did you watch vincent browne crucifying candidates (well one candidate) last night. blood sport. Hammered them all over the elitism of a narrow graduate electorate

    One idea for reform which could work is – list system for Dail with existing powers, and PR with STV for Seanad, with Senators taking on the constituency work currently being done by TDs, let them ask the “to ask the Minister when Mrs Murphy will get her grant” PQ. Not the worst idea.

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