The Seanad says do as we say, not as we do.

Will someone not stand up and state the obvious?

Will someone not stand up and state the obvious?

Our democratically elected representatives do us proud once again here, from the Irish Times, on the issue of giving Oireachtas envelopes to local election candidates. It’s not a huge issue to be honest, but what’s telling is the general finding. They say that it is wrong to do it, but vote against any way of stopping it.

In other words, do as we say, not as we do.

I’m not as cynical as some about our political system, or the people in it. I was involved in politics long enough to know that there are good people in all parties, and that our politicians actually work hard. Almost completely ineffectually, true, but hard nevertheless.

But this is just taking the piss. If we wanted to stop this, we could make misuse of Oireachtas envelopes a criminal offence, and let the public report it to the Guards when they get one from a councillor. It’ll police itself. But the Oireachtas will not do that. Why? Because the reason they don’t want to barcode the envelopes is because senators give them to councillors, who elect senators. Simple as that. Is there not one senator who has the balls to just stand up and say that? At least don’t take us for fools.

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