The Spoofer’s Guide to the Fiscal Treaty.

The talented Andrea Pappin and I have decided to put together a modest offering explaining or at least stirring questions (we hope) about the Fiscal Treaty, which you can access here.

Is it a Yes document? Well, I’m voting Yes, but, to be honest, I actually don’t know if she is. We’ve put together our thoughts on the treaty, and have tried to ask questions for people to consider rather than do a blatant “Vote Yes or they’ll murder us in our beds!” We did ask someone prominent on the No side to write something, but that person missed our deadline so we’ll just add their contribution in when we get it.

Anyway, have a read.

5 thoughts on “The Spoofer’s Guide to the Fiscal Treaty.

  1. I suppose that anything which involves cutting public spending is perceived to be right wing.

  2. Is it really right-wing? Because I’m pro-socialist, pro-europe (not to mention my stance on religion/gay rights/etc). I’m happy to give half the money I earn to the sick, the poor, the elderly and put a little in the pot in case I’m one of them myself.

    However… I’m anti giving money to a broken system that uses that money to pay themselves in the name of providing those services.

    Again though, thanks for your article. Really helped the debate.

  3. That economic right-wing NO vote stance is getting very little coverage funnily enough, which is odd because I’m encountering it a lot.

  4. Thanks for doing that. Really helped with finally getting me to sit down and read the treaty.

    Fyi, I’ll be voting no because I think this treaty just forces politicians to lie slightly harder and not much else. I’d also prefer foreigners to stop giving cash to our fiscally inept government that will have to be repaid in the future by people with real jobs.

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