The United Left Alliance should be welcomed.

Time for Joe?
Time for Joe?

The decision of the Socialist Party, People Before Profit Save Dun Laoghaire Baths Socialist Workers Party and the Tipperary Workers and Unemployed Action Group to run 20 candidates on a united platform is to be welcomed.

It means that nearly 50% of constituencies will have a genuine far-left alternative to vote for, giving socialist activists a clear opportunity to prove that the Irish people are just crying out for socialism. Good for them, and let’s be honest: If they can’t rally a huge swath of votes against capitalism now, then when?  Surely, Joe, Seamus Healy, Clare Daly, Richard Boyd Barrett and Joan Collins (the other one) all have a shout in these surreal times?   

One thought on “The United Left Alliance should be welcomed.

  1. More lefts, that’s all we have in Ireland. FG are about centre, FF are left of centre as their policies proved over the years, the PDs were mildly right of centre and everyone else is far left to the extreme left.

    Ireland needs a real right of centre party, not more socialists. We have a €19bn spending deficit due to crazy social spending and services.

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