They can stick their cliffhangers up their arse.

V: A nice "Screw You!" to the fans.

V: A nice "Screw You!" to the fans.

Was anyone watching the “V” remake? What about “The Event”? Anyone? I didn’t think so, especially as they were both cancelled. But here’s the thing: Both ended on a cliffhanger. Both were cancelled without ever revealing to the public what happened in the end, and that, my friends, is one of the reasons I didn’t watch the damn things after the first couple of episodes. They were just layering on one mystery after another and I decided to step back and see whether these shows actually reach a conclusion, or just give the two fingers to their viewers. Sure, if they were any use I could watch them on DVD.

Now, I know, in the grand scheme of things, there’s plenty more to worry about in the world. I agree. But still, it’s an irritant. If only we had some sort of international parliament that could pass laws in a single market of 500 million people. Couldn’t they instruct programme makers to even release a statement telling us what happened? Even a sodding eBook?

Sorry, what was that? The European Parliament has more important things to be doing with its time? Like what? Denying its electors information on how its members take the piss with expenses until one courageous Irish lawyer kicks them up and down the streets of Kirchberg? How about driving up and down in trucks from Brussels to Strasbourg?

With all due respect, this sounds right up their street.

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  1. I enjoyed the first season of the V re-make, even though I thought some of the writing was formulaic. A few episodes into the second season and I realised it was getting really really bad. They went into religion in a big way and handled it much more poorly than the BSG re-make.

    Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles was a decent-ish sci fi which was cancelled on a major cliff hanger after two seasons.

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