This guy is a good president, and the Republicans just can’t stand it.

obama_phoneFirst they couldn’t believe a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama was even daring to run.

Then they couldn’t believe he was born in the United States.

Then they couldn’t believe that he won.

Then they couldn’t believe he passed Obamacare.

Then they couldn’t believe that Osama Bin Laden was hunted down on his watch.

Then they couldn’t believe he appointed liberals to the Supreme Court.

Then they couldn’t believe the economy actually grew, and unemployment fell.

Then they really couldn’t believe he was re-elected.

Then they couldn’t believe Obamacare started working.

They can’t believe he hasn’t created a Muslim atheist socialist dictatorship.

Then they couldn’t believe the Supreme Court ruled that both Obamacare and gay marriage were legal.

Now they can’t believe that not one candidate seeking the Republican nomination for President holds the same opinion on gay marriage as the majority of the American people.

Barring getting caught chasing an intern around the Oval Office, this guy is going to leave office with the country in better shape than he found it, more liberal, and leaving the main opposition party running on a platform of weird minority social views, worrying publicly about the oppression and hardship of billionaires, and wanting to take healthcare off sick people.

Yeah, that’ll do.

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