To blog or not to blog?

I was reminded recently that I have now been blogging for over a year, and was asked for advice and observations on it. The biggest observation is my surprise that people read it, as my analytics, comments and emails seem to show. I have enough people reading it to know that it is not just my mates, which is nice, but Dutch grandmothers, British eurosceptics and a cluster in Brussels, funnily enough. What surprises me is that the surreal mix of things I’m interested in, politics and elements of our pop culture, is something that some people get. Although, the fact that I was able to hold forth on the condition of Burt Ward’s (Who played Robin in the 1960s Batman series) mickey was something that even surprised me. Yes, I will blog on that later, for those interested.

Secondly, I do enjoy it. As someone who has written commercially, and for my own pleasure, I follow the Larry David rule of always carrying a notebook and pen, because you never know when something will occur to blog about. As a result I have pages of stuff I want to blog on, which means that I am either a) quite creative, or b) in serious need of therapy. As I pre-write many of my blogs, it means that even after I die I will still be able to keep blogging for a bit longer. Which is both creepy and interesting. Actually, how do I know that by the time you read this I won’t already be dead? Woooooo….

As for advice for would-be bloggers: One piece of advice I was given which has rung true. Either commit to regular blogging, or don’t do it at all. There is nothing worse than reading a blog that hasn’t had a posting for weeks. On the other hand, there is such a thing as over-blogging. A pal of mine pointed out that I was posting stuff faster than he could read it, that is, he doesn’t read it everyday. So I started posting stuff only every second or third day, and bizarrely, my readership went up.  

Finally, another pal of mine once met a guy who told him that he had been on holiday. When he asked him where, the guy said (To his face)  that he could read all about it on his blog. Don’t become that guy. 

Don’t forget: It’s only blogging, and whereas a handful of bloggers may change the world, most of us will just get the opportunity to bitch about the obscene DVD prices in Tower Records. Find happiness in that, and you’ll do ok.       

3 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog?

  1. Agree with most of that. I find it much easier to blog now the election is over because I can s;pend more time digressing on the Saharan energy crisis rather than the Athgarvan traffic calming measures. Most blogs tend to be a bit of everything but I suppose a central theme helps. Yours, like mine, is broadly political. I agree on the frequency thing too. An average of once a week I think is OK. That could be three one week and none for a fortnight. I enjoy it (your blog) – keep it up.

  2. I’ve been at it for more than 4 years now, and I agree 100% with what you write. I don’t tend to have a notebook with me, but have a dozen ideas of nascent blog entries in my head all the time!

    As for the mix of topics – it’s fine! It reflects you. When I’ve contemplated a strategy of sorts for my blog (should I write more of this or that) the readers have always commented that they like the eclectic mix of politics, tech, sport and odd rants about things. Surely it’s the same for you.

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