Toasted Greens? It’s actually worse.

A member of the Green Party yesterday.

A member of the Green Party yesterday.

There are pieces of toast wandering around the country at the moment going “F**k me, but I’m glad I’m not a Green Party candidate” such is the dire state of the party. 18 councillors to 3 is a wipeout in anybody’s book. But that is not even the scary bit for the Greens.

I was involved with the PDs from 1991-2005, and during that time the Green Party was always the safe default party for transfers and protest votes. Now, for the first time in its history, that’s been taken away from it, and look what happens. What’s more, there is no reason to believe that it will not happen in a general election, because there is no reason to vote Green now. The radical-ish party of protest is gone. Their transfer friendliness is gone, and they are trapped in an unpopular government they can’t leave for fear of annhilation, unless their members rebel.

It is reminiscent of the last years of the PDs, where the party’s identity was neutralised by FF, but it was unable to leave. Yet even the PDs didn’t do this badly in local elections. The Greens will be tempted to try and deliver on their policy agenda, but that isn’t the issue. The PD vote used to go up not on policy delivery but when FFers bitched about them. It was when they started calling the PDs “lovely people to work with” that the PDs knew they were screwed.

The Greens need to turn nasty with FF, or else. It’ll be bad for policy, but good for politics.

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