Tumbleweed on the Ogra FF blog.

Ogra: Blog, baby, blog!

Ogra: Blog, baby, blog!

Listen to these statements: “Great to hear each Ogra will be allowed to post blogs, greater inclusion of the individual units and the work they do will show the true strenght and impact that Ogra makes nationally.” and “Orgra fiannafail are the future for the country. I am proud to be a member”

I came across these on the blog of Ogra Fianna Fail, the youth section of the largest party in the country. I found them fascinating for the insight that they give into what sort of people are in Ogra. For a start, the acceptance by one member that they are “allowed” post blogs. Allowed?

The second statement fascinated me for its simple enthusiasm.

But, I’m being a smartarse, some of my FF readers will say. You can cherry pick statements from any blog. You’re right, you can, and I’m sure you can find plenty of questionable statements I’ve made on this blog. But I didn’t cherrypick these. These are ALL the comments on the blog of the biggest party in the country, and one of them is a comment welcoming the ability (not actually taken up) to post blogs!

I pointed this out to someone who wasn’t that surprised. Can you name any FF bloggers? He asked. FFers don’t like writing down stuff, and so comments like “Orgra fiannafail are the future for the country. I am proud to be a member” may well be what’s at the cutting edge of intellectual vigour in Ogra.

I know of only two FFers who openly express opinions and sometimes criticise their own party: Declan Harmon and James Lawless. And they have my respect for it.       

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  1. Thanks for that Jason. And for the benefit of readers please ref link above. You will be “allowed” to comment on any post of your choice 🙂

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