TV I’m enjoying: Burn Notice

We can get a bit snooty about what we watch. Sometimes television isn’t groundbreaking or thought provoking, but just plain entertaining. Burn Notice is one of those shows. Jeffrey Donovan, owner of the biggest s**t eating grin in current television, plays Michael Westen, a top special operative who has been “burned” by his superiors and exiled to Miami. Working alongside a psychotic ex-girlfriend and former IRA terrorist (They fortunately dropped her dodgy accent after the pilot episode) played by the ridiculously skinny Gabrielle Anwar, and backed up by cult favourite Bruce Campbell (You’ll know him when you see him), Westen tries to discover why he was burned, whilst making ends meet working as a security consultant or sorting out problems sent to him by his nagging mother (Cagney and Lacey’s Sharon Gless).

The show is great fun. It’s funny, has plenty of action, and is crammed with guest stars of the That’s-that-guy-from variety. Filmed on location in Miami (For once, Vancouver wouldn’t do) it’s also packed with great shots of the city and gratutitous boob and bum shots from the beaches. Miami Tourism must be delighted. I’m looking forward to season 3 already.  

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