UKIP’s two faces on worker’s rights.

UKIP: Two faces on worker's rights.

UKIP: Two faces on worker's rights.

UKIP are currently delivering leaflets calling on Irish workers to vote No to protect worker’s rights. Yet that’s not what they say in Britain.

Here’s John Whittaker, a UKIP MEP:

” …But, unlike the United States of the 1930s, this adjustment is made more difficult in today’s Britain by our elaborate structure of employment law that holds up wages, provides for generous benefits, makes severance difficult and generally makes labour markets inflexible. Given all the costs and red tape involved in employing labour, it will be a long time before any small businessman with a brain considers taking on more staff again.

It is a measure of the extreme detachment of the European Union that at this time when all member states are facing severe economic difficulties, they continue to insist on rules that make life even harder for business, for instance, statutory employment rights for temporary workers.”

UKIP: Friend of the workers?

You can see the full text here.


4 thoughts on “UKIP’s two faces on worker’s rights.

  1. I’m glad UKIP are involved. I’ve already met soft NO voters who are coming over as a result. The fact is, UKIP wish to dismantle the EU as it currently stands, and turn it into a mere common market, which is a very different aganda from what most Irish people want. Secondly, the leaflet hints at Euthanasia (Which isn’t in the treaty.) and also, hilariously, expresses UKIP’s concern about the EU not defending workers rights! I’m sure you can’t move at UKIP conferences for people worried about worker’s rights!
    Yeah, I know, F&D Group. I wonder what party is the largest member of that group?

  2. More lies and racism from the above comments.

    UKIP is not involved in Ireland, it hasn’t sent a penny to the camapign in Ireland, because it is ILLEAGAL to do so.

    Nigel represents a group of MEPs called the Freedom and Democracy Group and any literature sent out is paid for by the Parlaiment.

    He only happens to be British, this is his only crime. You are quite happy for MEPs from other countries to come over to Ireland to cmapign for a YES vote, for Mr. Barroso (Portugese) and commissioners to come over and campaign and for EU sponsered academics to travel universities promoting the treaty. But when somone on the NO side does it….oh the shame!

    Either complain about them as well or stop being hypocticial.

    The NO side is being out-spent 10 to 1! And the YES side are still worried…I think that is rather telling.

    Start talking about the facts of the treaty and stop lambasting Nigel just because he is British and doing exactley what the YES side are doing!

    Btw John Whittaker is no longer an MEP…

  3. Who the hell do UKIP think they are coming over and meddling in our affairs. Keep your British noses out Nigel Farage and your nasty bunch of xenophobes of Irish affairs. I think we have had enough of British meddling over the past few hundred years.

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