UN tells George Washington to seek agreement with British.

George Washington: You guys can't be serious!

George Washington: You guys can't be serious!

George Washington, the leader of the 13 British colonies in North America that unilaterally declared independence from the British Empire was rebuffed today in the UN Security Council. Supporters of the tentative “United States of America” were disappointed that Britain vetoed Washington’s resolution calling for the new American nation to be recognised. British leader King George said that whilst he recognised the aspirations of the American people, they could only achieve those aspirations with the consent of the country of the nation currently withholding those rights. “That may sound absolutely barking mad to you, but it makes perfect sense to me,” The king said, before appointing a small cat as the Empire’s representative to the world body.

6 thoughts on “UN tells George Washington to seek agreement with British.

  1. What about that “two state solution” for the land of Ireland? How about we spend decades demanding the same in Belgium?

    You’re forgetting one thing: the Palestinians will never accept “2 states living side by side in peace and security”. Look at any figural map produced by any of the Palesitinal factions: there IS NO “other state” to have that bucholic idyll of “2 states living side by side in peace and security”.


    What gives them a woodie is actuall the “pre 1946” border.
    There is no point for Israel to negotiate with them. Not only is there no-one reasonable authority to negotiate with, but nothing you can offer them that they will abide by any agreement over. I carry dual Lebanese nationality. I know how this goes. It’s all “hakki.”

    But to the average Euro who can’t go to sleep until he checks for Jews under his bed, I’m not sure there’s any point in their governments pretending that they act as an “honest broker”.

  2. I don’t think either side really want a resolution – unless they can get everything they want -there is no give and take. It was there in Oslo and Yasser blew it

  3. David, in fairness, I’ve never hidden my belief in a United States of Europe. The fact that the British people have created for themselves a political system that excludes real eurosceptics, voting in a referendum to keep that voting system, is the fault of the British people, not the EU.

  4. Yes quite amusing.

    Look forward to your take on “Guilty Men”

    No scaffolds erected yet in Stephens Green ?

    Kind regards

  5. Except America wasn’t committed to the utter destruction and removal from the map of Great Britain (though it did, I recall, attack Canada and got it’s ass well kicked as a result). We live in the real world. If the Palestinians want a real state they must negotiate with Israel.

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