Urban? Don’t you mean democratic, Kathy?

Kathy Sinnott and friends: Votes for cows?

Kathy Sinnott and friends: Votes for cows?

Former independent MEP for Munster, Kathy Sinnott is quoted in today’s Irish Times criticising the IFA for supporting Lisbon: “It is very, very sad to see the head of the IFA . . . now advocating that Europe have more and more control, and the [European] Parliament – which he was fighting all the time, a largely-urban parliament – to have more and more decision-making on farming.”

Interesting use of the the word “urban” there. There is a reason why the European Parliament is “largely urban.” That’s where most Europeans live, in urban areas, as indeed do most Irish people.

Surely a No campaigner who has constantly demanded “more democracy” in the EU accepts the idea that the vote of one farmer should be equal to the vote of one shopper? Is that not a democratic no-brainer? Or is she opposed to the idea of the “largely urban” population of our countries having a say equal to our numbers? Or should voting rights be calculated by the amount of land you own, or head of cattle?  

2 thoughts on “Urban? Don’t you mean democratic, Kathy?

  1. I suspect that Kathy is of the mind that what we should be aiming for is a US army styled ‘democracy of one’ where when other people do something you don’t like you have the right to say it was undemocratic because they ignored or didn’t act on your wishes. Wholly undemocratic behaviour what with there being more of them than there is of little old you.

  2. Excellent observation. Sinn Fein were saying something similar this morning too about rural areas and Lisbon. Again made up non treaty issues, Euro bashing.

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