Vincent Browne’s amazing turnip powered car.

No war for turnips!





No war for turnips!

Just before the Lisbon vote, Vincent Browne pointed out the following statements from an EU document he had uncovered.

” It goes on to deal with EU energy requirements. It says: “By 2025 Europe will be extremely dependent for 90 per cent of its oil and 80 per cent of its gas. China and India, in particular, will drive global energy demand and seek new sources in central Asia, Africa and the Middle East.”

It then goes on to remark: “In this and other ways, European security interests may be directly or indirectly challenged by tensions arising not only in the near neighbourhood but also further afield.”

What would be the point of these observations in a document dealing with Europe’s long-term military requirements were it not contemplated that military operations would be undertaken to deal with migratory pressures or resource demands?”

He raises a fair point. Surely part of the EU’s military concerns are to deal with ensuring the flow of oil and gas into Europe? Could that mean EU troops at some stage securing pipelines from attack? Quite possibly. But what infuriates me is the “No blood for oil” crowd in Ireland who have constantly opposed the US and other countries securing Europe’s oil supply, and then hypocritically used that oil themselves whether in transport, heating, pesticides or indeed almost any plastic based product. If they all lived in huts on the side of some vast oil-free society up in the Wicklow mountains I’d say fair enough. But they don’t. They bitch about the oil as they use it.

Although, not Vincent, of course. I assume his car is turnip-powered, and he keeps his modest home warm burning old copies of the Irish Times or Progressive Democrat manifestos or old election posters, contently whiling away the evenings whilst watching Michael McDowell crackle away in a blazing hearth.  

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