Voters being “looked at funny” by Yes campaign says No campaign.

Lisbon: Should be renamed for duration of campaign?

Lisbon: Should be renamed for duration of campaign?

The No to Lisbon campaign has insisted that voters are being “bullied” by the Yes campaign by being “looked at in a funny way”. A spokesperson for the Youth Defence/Socialist Party/Sinn Fein/British Tory No campaign alleged that the Yes campaign has been muttering under its breath and raising an eyebrow at what voters have been wearing, and sniggering that voters need to lose weight. The No campaign also alleges that the Yes campaign thinks that voters smell.

This follows an insistance that that RTE stop using the word “Yesterday” in news broadcasts as this is obviously an attempt to brainwash voters into voting Yes.  

Last week, the No campaign condemned the Government of Portugal for insisting that the capital of Portugal’s name be on all maps used in Irish schools, as ” an attempt to turn the Catholic children of Ireland into trained killers for the English/EU murder machine.”

The Lisbon Tourist Board are quoted as saying “What the f…?”

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