Wanted: One crystal ball.

Coming soon to a Kindle near you.
Coming soon to a Kindle near you.

As many of you will be aware, I dabble in writing fiction as well, and published my first novel as an eBook on Amazon, “The Ministry of Love”, earlier this year. I’m currently rewriting my latest novel, “The Gemini Agenda” and also doing some work on a couple of short stories, all projects with a political theme. It’s off with my editor at the moment, and then will have to go to be proofed and eFormatted for Kindle.

Of course, there’s a serious bit of rewriting to be done, as it’s about a global conspiracy involving the US and EU, which means that I’m hoping that the EU will be still there by the time I publish it early next year.

Or, as it’s set slightly in the future, I’ll just have to try a wild guess as to how the whole crisis works out, as I have┬áspeculated┬ásome things already, like a certain┬ácountry having a president named Windsor…

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