Welcome to www.Election2011.ie

Today, Andrea Pappin and I are launching http://election2011.ie/ The idea behind the site is to provide an irreverent look at the election¬†and the issues that interest us, in particular, the novel idea that a national general election should be about national issues. It’s also about how to vote using the Single Transferable Vote, an issue particularly relevent in this election.¬†

As you know, I was a Progressive Democrat, and Andrea is a member of Labour. Are we biased? Yes. Certainly. But not censorious. If people we disagree with have a valid point to make, then they get to make it. What we’re not going to put up with, however, is boring guff, because every party website is going to be chockablock with that. So if you are a candidate or activist from any party or independent who has something interesting to say, get in touch with us on the site.

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