What do the mid-terms say about the US?

Watching the results coming in, and the Republicans making very significant gains, raises an interesting issue about the American mindset at this point in time. In voting for the GOP, they have voted for a party that has pledged to:

1. Restore Bush-era tax cuts to the mega-wealthy, to people who just don’t need them, and which actuallys adds to the defecit.

2. Repeal the Obama healthcare bill, thereby removing healthcare from working families who struggled to get health insurance in the first place.

3. Restrict unemployment benefits to the 9% of American workers who are unemployed.

I’m on the centre-right, and even I have to ask: What sort of people vote for an agenda like this? What sort of people actually go out of their way to take help away from people who are struggling, and instead use it to fund tax cuts for the wealthy, who do not need them? In Ireland and the rest of the EU, we’re cutting public services because we can’t afford them, or afford to borrow to pay for them. But to actually deliberately target the poor to fund tax cuts for the rich? That’s just plain disgusting.

6 thoughts on “What do the mid-terms say about the US?

  1. A character from The West Wing? What a nice thing to say. I saw one liberal commentator on telly who summed her up political position as being “Basically, there’s almost nothing in Eisenhower’s Republican platform of 1952 that I wouldn’t agree with”. What’s frightening is that the GOP has completely lost its Rockefeller Republican wing, which has left people like me stranded.

    Video? Ah, I remember taping my first episode of the West Wing on video. The one when Bartlet was shot. I thought it was just breathtaking stuff.

  2. Don’t take it too seriously, dude. In US terms I’d see you in the more conservative wing of the Democratic party rather than the lefty wing of the GOP. Your writing sounds like a character from the West Wing (which I’m re-watching on video (actual video) at the moment.

  3. In Ireland people seem to think the Republicans are like the PDs, and that the Democrats are like Labour. In reality the Democrats are more like the PDs and the Republicans are further right of that.

    So Jason aligning himself with the Democrats would be expected, as they are a right of centre party in the USA.

  4. I support the regulated right to bear arms, and the war in Afghanistan. I support NATO, the free market, low taxes, public sector reform and a small state. I don’t think George W. was a monster. I believe that religious fundamentalism, the rise of China, and Russia are all a threat to the West, of which I am unashamedly a citizen of. Finally, I believe that western values are the values that will progress humanity, and that we should not apologise for them. In short, we’re right, and they’re wrong. If I am a lefty liberal, I’m curious: Who are my fellow travellers?

  5. jason – been reading your stuff for some time now and no way are you centre right. You’ve just listed the Democratic charicature of the GOP and you like Obama. You’re a liberal leftie.

  6. A big part of the problem is voter ignorance. Bloomberg had a story a few days ago showing how ill informed the public were, (incorrectly) believing taxes have gone up and the money given to the banks was a never to be returned hand out.
    It’s easy to be aghast at America voters for their stupidity here (what do you expect when their president is a muslim who wasn’t born in the US) but our lot have demonstrated they can be as shockingly ignorant as well. Just think back to the farce over Lisbon and conscription.

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