What Irish political parties stand for in 99 words.

Fianna Fail: Remaining in power. Willing to fiddle around the edges of status quo as long as  major stuff isn’t touched.

Fine Gael: Not being  Fianna Fail. Willing to fiddle around the edges slightly more because of Labour but not really willing to touch major stuff.

Labour: Ethical, genuine about social reform. Unwilling to recognise fact that  wealth that funds  public sector is primarily generated by private sector.

Greens: Ethical, genuine about environment. Stunned by responsibility and blame of being in government, and only beginning to realise that the Irish people don’t equate policy achievement with keeping political promises.

Sinn Fein: Struggling to distance itself from more “unconventional” approaches to politics. Slowly moving away from anglophobia, but still unwilling to have an economic policy which balances proposed spending with non-magical taxation.

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