What the hell?

Dark Romance?
Dark Romance?

Was in Waterstone’s yesterday, and came across this section, which I’ve never seen before. I know, it seems impossible to publish a book at the moment that doesn’t involve teenage vampires, but I’d no idea that it had actually become its own genre.

What’s fascinating about it is that whereas it has been common for bookshops to have romance sections, which are sometimes divided into historical fiction, etc, I find the sheer specialisation of this to be mind boggling. Who would have thought there were so many people out there with a fetish about shagging vampires? 

2 thoughts on “What the hell?

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  2. Surprised you didn’t notice Bliars book there as well on account of the cringe making chapter on making the earth move with the lovely Cherie, but perhaps it’s still to be found in the general fiction section (soon to be moved to the remaindered bin)

    Kind regards

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