What The West Wing taught us about politics.

Jed'll know what to do.

Jed'll know what to do.

A good PA is worth his/her weight in gold.

Sometimes your opponent’s ideals are as noble as yours.

Most problems can be solved by a good long walking conversation.

There’s a Latin quotation for every occasion.

Voters will let you do the vision thing as long as you deliver on the potholes.

Surround yourself with really smart people, especially if they occasionally get up your nose and disagree with you.

Good rousing theme music never hurt anyone.

Power means occasionally having a big block of cheese in your hallway.

You won’t get everything done. Do what you can.

It’s not the scandal that gets you as much as the cover-up.

Some things are more important than getting re-elected.

Decisions are made by those who show up.

Everybody needs a Leo.

One thought on “What The West Wing taught us about politics.

  1. It taught us that Hollywood will willingly throw red meat at Democrats, even fatasies about how they can actually imagine that they were in charge with ‘their’ President while Goerge Bush was in office, but at the same time readily finance movies like “the Hurt Locker,” “Gasland,” or “Red State” without blinking.

    I have known a few EOD guys. They are not crazy, desperate, or pitiable as the handmaidens of programming ideology suggest.

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