What UKIP stands for.

UKIP: Putting manners of Johnny Foriegner!

UKIP: Putting manners on Johnny Foriegner!

Whilst perusing Eurosceptic websites ( I know, I know. And amazingly, I do have both a life and a pretty, funny and very tolerant girlfriend.) I wandered across this neat summary from UKIP of what they’re about as a party. Whilst I didn’t agree with much of it, I liked the succinctness of it, so enjoy. The comments in blue are mine.  

” The UK Independence Party is committed to withdrawing Britain from the European Union. As the debate on the Lisbon Treaty has now made clear, the EU agenda is complete political union, with all the main functions of national government taken over by the bureaucratic institutions of Brussels. UKIP believes that this is not only bad for Britain’s economy and prosperity, but it is an alien system of government that will ultimately prove to be totally unacceptable to the British people.

UKIP would replace Britain’s membership of the European Union with the kind of agreements on free trade and co-operation (Note how there is no mention of getting anyone else to agree. Will they be imposed on the rest of Europe by gunboat?) that we thought we had signed up to when we first joined what was then called the European Economic Community.( Have always thought this was a fair point. The EU is a political union, and the British people were never really told that.)

The UK Independence Party is the fourth largest political party in the UK. We currently have nine members of the European Parliament who use their positions exclusively to expose the true nature of the EU and to campaign for British withdrawal.We would:• Restore British sovereignty, which has been consistently reduced by successive Conservative and Labour governments as they sign up to an increasing number of European treaties and policies. Increasing interference in the British way of life has been imposed on us during the current Labour administration. Labour is determined to destroy our country, its culture and heritage.• Take control of our national borders and impose our own immigration rules. (Presumably meaning that UK subjects will have same imposed on them by other countries.)

• Repatriate the many thousands of illegal immigrants who represent a significant risk to our national security and who create a drain on our already over-burdened resources. This Labour government displays little interest or ability in managing this crisis.• Save £30 million per day currently paid into EU coffers, which can be better spent to benefit our country and protect its people. (Conveniently assuming that the rest of us will let them have access to our single market for free. Norway has to pay, and so will Britain. Without getting any of the money spent in Britain, unlike at present.)

• Rebuild our national fishing industry (By not preventing overfishing? How? Banning foriegn fishermen? Good luck trying to export fish related products, so.) , which has been reduced to almost nothing, with the introduction of a strong fisheries protection fleet to protect our fish stocks. We also need to assist UK Customs & Excise in their fight against the illicit smuggling of drugs. (By not being members of Europol? I’m sure the drug dealers will be voting UKIP.)

• Restore our national agriculture and protect the custodians of our precious countryside.• Develop British democracy by encouraging the electorate to vote on contentious issues through referendums. Government by the people for the people! (What, like fox hunting?)• Reduce the oppressive regulation imposed on British businesses and exempt small businesses with less than 25 employees from the present damaging regulations imposed on them. (Pregnant women can be sacked? Young female employees can be fondled? In fairness to UKIP, the point about small businesses does have some value.)

• Eradicate political correctness and replace it with free speech and common sense. ( I love this. The common sense law! For example, does UKIP regard the word “negro” as being acceptable to use? Or is it political correctness gone mad to find it an unacceptable word?)

• Introduce a zero tolerance approach to assist in fighting crime, with effective practical deterrents. (What does this mean? Chopping off the hands of people who defy the hosepipe ban?)

• UKIP is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare in the treatment of animals (Whilst supporting fox hunting? That’s novel.)  and for food production.


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  1. Just a pathetic post.

    I might top it only by musing that for an allegedly self confident pipple emerging from centuries of
    servitude under the wicked Brits, the Irish couldn’t get rid of their own currency quick enough when instructed to do so by the EUSSR………..

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