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What will Paddy Power give on the odds of someone going to jail over Anglo Irish?

Posted by Jason O on Feb 24, 2009 in Irish Politics |

The closest they may get to jail?

Seriously, how do we think this thing will pan out? Here’s a couple of little scenarios:

1. The Director of Corporate Enforcement (DCE) does his best, but finds that these guys managed to outsmart our legislation and therefore have not committed any crime. No one goes to jail.

2. The DCE does manage to put the case together, but the case collapses over some technicality, again caused by gammy legislation. No one goes to jail.

3. The case goes ahead, but is halted on the basis that due to media interest (The Haughey defence.) it is not possible for a fair trial to be held. No one goes to jail.

In all these scenarios, the case would fail because our legislators have been either too negligent or too stupid to put in place laws and structures to deal with these levels of crime. Whose fault is that? We do, after all, elect them? And please, don’t tell me that this was all unforeseen. US jails are full of people who engaged in this carry on.

Maybe it’s time to stop electing “a good man for the area” and instead elect, you know, legislators, to the legislature?

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Feb 24, 2009 at 12:05 pm

I wonder would the odds be higher on them going to jail in the UK given that Anglo was listed on the London Stock Exchange ?



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