What would you put into the constitution?

Insert here!
Insert here!

Here’s the challenge. You can insert one article into the constitution.

What would it be? And please, no “The state guarantees a world-class health service.”  because that means nothing and will end up being fought over for years by the courts. Instead, something like:

” Sexual orientation shall not be used as a means of restricting the right of two consenting adults to marry.”

” The state shall not deploy military forces abroad except in defence of individuals denied rights outlined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights.”

Or how about: “The state recognises the obligation of Fine Gael, being so delighted and overwhelmed at getting into government, to abandon all the promises for change, and to govern in a mediocre, dull and unimaginative way. The state also recognises the right of Fine Gael to look surprised when turfed out at the following election, and spend the next fifteen years convinced that a return to government is just months away. In accordance with law.”

Have fun.

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