When people see us as we actually are.

Germany: A friend we keep dicking around.

Derek Scally in yesterday’s Irish Times. Well worth reading here.

Is there anything more embarrassing than a country which thinks it’s being clever whilst it is actually being pitied by other nations? It’s a very unattractive quality of the Irish psyche, a belief in the nobility of trickery mixed with victim-hood. To see the phrase “begging bowl” being used in context with Ireland, a phrase I thought we’d banished, is shameful.

It’s a colonial Dublin Castle mentality, an idea that we are not really in charge of our own destiny but that the big man in the big house has the power and by a mixture of charm and thievery might we get what we want. It permeates our politics, to the extent that we witness cabinet ministers “calling” for the government to do something, as if they have nothing to do with it.

It’s just plain pathetic. But then, dignity and honour are not things we’re big on as a people.

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