Why does the Government hate (Insert NGO name here) so much?

FF needs a nasty frontman.

FF needs a nasty frontman.

One of the key examples of why Fianna Fail are perceived as being stale is the fact that the let NGOs kick the shit out of them so much, without putting up the reasonable defence, that is, the truth. This is how it works: A given NGO gives an angst ridden picture of its deserving clients. It then highlights the relatively small amount of money that the government has cut, and how it is both penny pinching and mean, and how the government are basically uncaring pricks. The government then takes the abuse.

But that’s not the whole picture. If it were a question of a few million here or there there’d be no problem, but it isn’t. A few million here and there adds up to billions we don’t have, yet the government doesn’t explain that.

The government needs a public spokesperson who will take the crap, be hated, and say the things that FF ministers don’t want to say (in public) because it will make them personally look like pricks. It needs someone who will stand in front of a powerpoint and point out the cash demands of every single NGO, and the sum total which is billions,  and point out that whilst each is individually worthy, none is more worthy that the other, and conceding to them all is not possible. To paraphrase Josh Lyman: ” The government doen’t need to be nasty. That’s why it has me.” FF need to get themselves a Josh Lyman to take, and dole out, the flak.


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