Why don’t the “Anti-War” Crowd protest this?

In Afghanistan, men have a right to rape?

In Afghanistan, men have a right to rape?

From today’s New York Times. Would it be a breech of Irish neutrality to send troops to help NATO protect women like these? Probably. Because the neutrality lobby believe, I presume, that women demanding the right not to be raped are, in the eyes of the lobby, morally equivalent to the men raping them.  After all, it’s none of our business, is it? The Afghan Government has a right to pass a law permitting the rape of Afghan women, right? Still, at least they’re not being raped by NATO soldiers, which would be an outrage and worthy of a demonstration outside the GPO.  

One thought on “Why don’t the “Anti-War” Crowd protest this?

  1. And don’t forget the howls of outrage if we tried to prevent genocide in Darfur, given that the only way of dealing with it is by sending troops there with big guns that — yes — kill people.

    Our real position on Darfur and rape in Afghanistan is that we can’t be arsed dealing with it. The ‘neutrality’ crap is pure rationalisation.

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