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Why is the budget secret? It’s our money!

Posted by Jason O on Dec 9, 2009 in Irish Politics |

Brian "Looking more Taoiseachy every day" Lenihan TD

Brian "Looking more Taoiseachy every day" Lenihan TD

RTE News is reporting that the Cabinet is being briefed this morning on the budget. €50 billion in spending, and they only discuss the entire package now? The argument given is that if people know in advance, they may make different decisions, and thus reduce government revenue. So? The government exists to serve us. We don’t exist as a source of revenue to be tricked into giving them our cash, along the lines of “Damn! He’s put up weasel tax! If I’d known I would have stocked up on weasels beforehand!” The US Congress spends months openly discussing the draft budget, with opponents suggesting amendments. Why don’t we, as opposed to this mad rush? If TDs are not going to take it seriously (And I mean with considered, costed amendments, not “Calls” for “More resources”) Then you have to wonder why we need 166 of them.  


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