Why no pension legislation? It’s not like the Dail didn’t have time.

TDs call for some sort of legislative body to oversee government. The Irish Times makes a fair point here about the fact that failed pension schemes here don’t have the same state protection they have in the UK. More importantly, 15 months ago a green paper proposed a solution, so why wasn’t it acted on?

Sure, it’s always easy to have 20:20 hindsight, but bear in mind that the government itself highlighted the issue. Why was legislation not introduced? After all, the Dail only meets about 90 days a year in plenary session, so why not just double that and get a whole backlog of necessary legislation through?

Why not? I’ll tell you why. Most of our €100k a year TDs want to spend the time in their constituencies, where their voters expect them to be. But why is that, could it be that the failure of every party to create a local government system that would direct constituents to local authorities, as happens in other countries, would not suit our deputies, most of whom are suited to all this legislative malarky?

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